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Meet the Team

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Dawn Williamson

We are absolutely thrilled that you have joined us here in our little corner of growing heaven.

My name is Dawn and I have the humble privilege to serve as your Girl Garden Society President. I grew up in the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado where harsh weather and wild animals made gardening extremely difficult.

My daughter was diagnosed with a medical condition when she was 5, which required us to drastically alter our diet. I started researching nutrition and discovered the powerful healing power of plants. We adopted a plant-based lifestyle and started successfully growing our own produce aeroponically, all year long, with Tower Gardens.

This opened up a whole new world for us. Home-grown produce tastes so much better than anything you can buy in the store, it’s more nutrient-dense, it’s clean - without pesticides and chemicals, and gosh darn it, when you grow it yourself you eat it! It’s made cooking (and eating) so much more enjoyable and we’re healthier too!

My passion now is sharing what I’ve learned with others and inspiring healthy living, healthy growing, and sharing the power of food to heal - mind, body and soul.

My wish for you is that your time with us surrounds you with joy and positive energy, laughter, happiness and smiles.


Sarah Dawn King

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am so excited to get to know you!

I initially started coming to Wonderland and the Girl Garden Society as a way to connect with my daughter where we could get our hands dirty and feel the freedom and peace of being outdoors. I began to feel like I was part of something bigger than myself and loved the safe environment for us to be ourselves.

I love that I get to try new foods and learn how they better my body even if I’m not perfect in my eating. I like that I can come just by myself and be with other like-minded women once a week and still have the privilege to bring my family out for other opportunities.

I don’t think anyone would use the term “green thumb” to describe me just yet but that’s okay. This is a process I’ve grown to adore  and I love getting to learn and try, try again. 

Food, where it comes from, how it grows, nutrition, how are bodies work (and why) has always fascinated me. It truly excites me and getting to share that passion with Girl Garden Society members is magical. 

As Vice President I can not wait to get to share and to continue to cultivate that magic of being outdoors, living our best lives, together. I truly believe in the power of connecting with nature, our families, friends, community, and most importantly ourselves. You are so important and the time we get to spend together will be magnificent. 

To a year of connection and power with a life lived outdoors!


Our Values

  1. The Best Ever
  2. Compassionate, Inclusive Leadership
  3. Humility 
  4. Perseverance
  5. Connection to self, each other and nature
  6. Celebration and Love
  7. Truth and Trust 
  8. Bravery and Respect
  9. Extraordinary Communication 
  10. Community Cohesion and Development 

Each one of these values makes up the whole of what we seek to embody as we share this work with the world. It is of the utmost importance to us that we have the highest levels of integrity throughout each phase of preparation, development and implementation to ensure people know they can trust what we deliver to change lives, and the health of the planet, for the better.

Our Mission

To reconnect people with themselves, each other and nature through magical & wonder-filled experiences designed around learning & implementing a variety of methods of organic gardening and food preparation.


Our Vision

We envision replanting an edible paradise all over the world, so that every single person has access to the best food on the planet. This global impact will be created through our Brilliant Planet Destination “Hubs,” both at Wonderland (our hub) along with others who are leading the way in this arena, our leading edge research and through the dynamic way we provide education, inspiration and foster connection.


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